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Where Eddie spends most of his time. From here you can get to various Organisations that Eddie contributes Open Source work to, from coding to documentation.



Sharing tips, following experts & projects to filter the vast amount of information available.



Cut down version of my CV. Full CV & references available on request.



R&D projects for Jaoude Studios Ltd. Ranging from Proof-of-Concepts to MVPs using realtime dashboards with iBeacons & IoT.

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Beyond Brexit: Creating dialogue and action for a country divided. Starting from a 48hr hackathon that created 10+ projects to 2 selected projects being accelerated to MVP.

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WeRockTech is a youtube channel which so far features discussions & conversations with people in tech who have either contributed by way of their achievements or are new to the community and starting explore how they can contribute & get involved, hopefully this will encourage more to join & do similar.

Past Events 2016

Recent events I have been involved in. Too many to list all or the ones I attend, follow me on Twitter: @EddieJaoude for upcoming events.

event AcornHack: Introduction to GitHub workflow
Speaker | November, 2016

Acorn Aspirations in partnership with Global Entrepreneurship Week is running a 2-day hackathon/start-up style event where 100 young people aged 12-19 will collaborate with mentors from the TechCity community to develop tech start-ups that solve social problems in their local communities and worldwide.

event Ada: The Empowered Technologist
On the panel | October, 2016

We are on a mission to create a more inclusive industry and, beyond that a more socially just world. Come and join us for an evening of talks, workshops and discussions, designed to inspire, educate and empower technologists whilst celebrating the efforts that are being made to make a difference within our industry.

event Beyond Brexit: Creating dialogue and action for a country divided
Organiser & on the panel | Saturday & Sunday July 23-24, 2016

Brexit is one of the most controversial and seismic political events in the UK’s recent history. Yet throughout the pre-referendum campaigns and aftermath of Brexit many questions remain unanswered and the future unclear.

event AcornHack: Introduction to GitHub
Workshop | July, 2016

Showing Open Source on GitHub, going through commmits, branches, pull requests.

event PHP EU: CI & CD best practices
Speaker | May, 2016

Automated everything! Then run these on CI & CD. This makes this repeatable & auditable in every environment.

event WHFNP presents #PanelForParity in Celebration of International Women's Day
On the panel | March, 2016

In celebration of International Women's Day 2016, Women Hack for Non-Profits is live streaming a panel on Monday, March 7th from 7PM-8PM GMT to discuss and celebrate being a Woman in Technology in line with the IWD theme "Pledge for Parity".

event Open Source first. How to look at a project objectively & create your own
Speaker | March, 2016

This month, we are organising a workshop focussed on open source projects. Tools that you need to know about while working on a open source project or starting a new one.

event AcornHack: Introduction to GitHub
Speaker | March, 2016

Showing Open Source on GitHub, going through commits, branches, pull requests.

event PHP EU: CI & CD workshop
Speaker | May, 2016

Creating a GitHub repo, connecting with with Travis CI, on successful build Tag & create Release, deploy release to Heroku.